Your personal productivity is what it takes to achieve results both in your private and in your work life, and achieve a good return on your investment.

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We need to consider what resources are people able to invest. We can invest our money of course, and the knowledge and skills we posses. But we also use our time, which is much too often not regarded as a resource.


Managers focus very much on how they use their time in the company. Now look much wider at time. Look at time from our common perspective, i.e. how everybody in your company uses his/her own time at work and in private life in order to achieve results for the company and for themselves.


This is an important topic for all management. While we measure time in our production systems, we seldom measure how people spend their time. And a challenge for any company is to instil a culture in the organisation that is characterized by good use of time – a time culture.

Time culture has many effects on the organisation. It does not only enable people achieve results, but it influences people behaviour, their motivation, self-esteem, and their level of quality, it tells the customers a lot about the company, and helps or hinders winning new customers. It is directly linked with the peoples pride and how they see their own organisation, and the reputation of the company.


It is about self-motivation. It means you can find some satisfaction in what you do, which enables you to progress. A number of surveys indicate that only 20% of the work population is naturally self-motivated. The motivation of the remaining 80% of the population is dependent on how other people treat them. This discovery has led many companies to launch motivation programmes because they concluded, mistakenly, that motivation can be instilled in staff. But motivation comes from within the individual; someone else may be able to inspire you, but they cannot motivate you.